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  • At Sands Funerals, we take pride in caring for families in time of their needs by working thoroughly to provide a beautiful and memorable lasting tribute to their loved one;
  • We offer professional services;
  • We pay attention to your needs and assure a personalized funeral for your loved one;
  • We strive to not only meet but rather exceed your expectations;
  • We serve all faith and cultures;
  • Our staff are well trained to accommodate any funeral service;
  • We help you navigate through each decision to plan the right funeral for your loved one;
  • You can talk to us at the time of your need and round-the-clock we would gladly help guide you. 

In these bodies we will live

In these bodies we will die

Where you invest your love

Is where you invest your life

We Are All About Our Clients

Sands Funerals is made up of kind and skilled staff who are always available to support you through this difficult process. We offer a selection of customised funeral services to fit your family’s wants and requirements. You can trust us to help you arrange a personalized, lasting memorial to your loved one, and we’ll gently guide you through the various decisions that must be made during such tough moments. 

You are welcome to call us at any time of the day, any day of the week, for instant assistance. Or, visit our funeral home in person at your convenience. We also provide a variety of material here on our website so you can learn more about us from the privacy of your own home.

Frequently asked questions

  • Pick up the deceased and transfer the body to the funeral home (anytime day or night)
  • Notify the appropriate authorities, as well as your family and/or relatives.
  • Prepare and submit an obituary to the newspapers of your choice.
  • Bathe and embalm the deceased body if necessary.
  • Prepare the body for viewing by clothing and cosmetizing it.
  • Assist the family with funeral arrangements including the purchase of a casket, carving of tombstone, provision of hearse, pallbearers, etc.
  • If a burial is to be done, make arrangements with cemetery officials for the opening and closing of the grave.
  • If a funeral or memorial ceremony is to be held, consult with the clergy.
  • Arrange for the family’s transportation to the funeral and/or cemetery.
  • Order funeral sprays and other flower arrangements as the family requests.
  • Provide aftercare, or grieving support, to the bereaved.

Contact us via mail or call, a Sands arrangement officer will be ready to assist you.  

This is a matter of individual choice. Some loved ones are buried in their Native, casual clothes while soldiers and knights are usually buried in their uniforms. The family must decide what they think is right.

We have different colors of granite stones and the best craftsmen to give you the taste of tombstone you want.

We offer repatriation services from anywhere in the world, We have all the experience to assist you with legislation, documentation, transport abroad as well as in Nigeria, flight arrangements and storage.

In most instances, the next of kin are responsible for arranging a funeral. In the instance of dispute – where it’s known that a Will exists – the arbiter of funeral arrangements is deemed to be the nominated Executor. The Executor may (at his or her discretion) appoint a person to make necessary arrangements with a Funeral Director.

In sands funeral we make the arrangement of funeral a seamless process working with the family’s choice and budget, this process can take less than 2 hours.

Choice of casket solely depends on the family and how they choose to give their loved one a befitting funeral

Definitely, they are a very important part of the funeral and your Arranger is experienced in the wide variety of options available. Flowers can fill the air with their scent and help create a warm atmosphere at the funeral service for your loved one.

The flowers you choose might reflect your loved one’s favorite blooms, be of a special color, or have a special significance to your family. They are often placed throughout the church, with a special arrangement placed on top of the casket

Funerals are not expensive when compared to other important life events such as births and weddings. A wedding costs at least three times as much; nevertheless, because it is such a joyous occasion, wedding expenses are rarely questioned. Because a funeral home is a 24-hour, labour-intensive business with vast facilities (viewing rooms, chapels, limousines, hearses, pallbearers, tombstones, caskets, and so on), these costs must be reflected into the funeral cost.

In addition, the cost of a funeral includes not only the merchandise, but also the services of a funeral director in arranging the service, completing the necessary paperwork, dealing with doctors, clergy, florists, newspapers, and others, and seeing to all the essential details. Funeral homes see their work to be both a service and a business, and like every other business, they must produce a profit in order to stay in business